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Should I Manage My Remodeling Project on My Own?

A major home remodeling project is an involved and expensive process. Whether you’re completely gutting just one room or tackling projects in several rooms, managing all the different trades and steps can be complicated and time-consuming. To save yourself some money, you may be wondering: Should I manage my remodeling project on my own? The answer to that question requires you to weigh some pros and cons of doing the job yourself:   Pros of Managing Your Own Project   Control Managing your own remodeling project allows you to be in control of every single step of the process, so…

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7 Challenges Facing Your Basement Remodel

Are you running out of space in the upper levels of your house? Wish you had an extra room? You just might have some potential untapped square footage if your home has an unfinished basement. Remodeling or finishing a basement can be an extremely difficult process, but if you know what issues to look for early you can avoid headaches before they begin! Moisture Issues If you have significant moisture, you may not even be able to finish your basement. But keep in mind, this only applies for major moisture issues! If the issue is minor, you can have it…

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5 Small Changes That Make a Big Impact in Your Kitchen

Bored with your kitchen? Remodeling is a big investment and some people, though ready for change, may not be able to afford an all-out renovation. Luckily, there are a few small changes you can make in your kitchen that will make a big design impact!   Crown Molding Crown molding is a secret weapon of designers to class up any space. Use crown molding on your ceiling to create height, and utilize it on your cabinets to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whatever style you choose, it will make your kitchen look put together and professional.    …

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In-Law Suite Basement Remodel in Frederick, Maryland

We’re thrilled to announce Adroit Design Remodeling recently completed another basement remodel in Frederick, Maryland! Check out the details of the project below: Latest Basement Remodel in Frederick, Maryland This client sought Adroit Design Remodeling’s services for a basement remodel to accommodate a family member who was going to move in soon. Our goal was to create an “in-law suite” living area in the unfinished basement. The scope of the remodel included the design and production of: One Bedroom Large Recreation Room Three closets Cabinets with a bar sink in the recreation room Small hallway kitchenette This project needed to…

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4 Home Renovation Projects For A Healthier Home

This year, you might be considering a long-overdue home renovation project if the health of your home is on the downward slide. Here are 4 home renovation projects to help build yourself a healthier home in 2018: Add a Mudroom Our homes are often covered in shoe tracks and littered with hats, coats, and various other outdoor apparel. By adding an entryway, you can reduce the amount of dirt that enters your living areas. A mudroom stores your dirty shoes and keeps the locker-room stink out of your home. Your mudroom can be as big or as small as you…

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5 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Larger

Small kitchens pose their own unique set of problems: You want all the functionality, storage space, and design of a larger kitchen but have to consider the limits of the space you’re renovating. Here are 5 things to keep in mind to make your small kitchen feel larger after a remodel: Scale Your Appliances & Cabinets Bigger is not always better when it comes to the things inside small kitchens. To buy yourself some extra space, shrink the appliances. Modern appliances can be as big or as small as you choose. There are a variety of slim, tall refrigerators that…

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3 Projects To Wow Your Guests This Holiday Season

It’s your turn to host the family for the holidays, which means cooking, cleaning, decorating, and much more to get your house ready. If the decorative throw pillows on the couch and mistletoe over the front door aren’t doing it for you, it may be the perfect time for a home remodel to truly wow your guests. Here are 3 projects that will really wow your holiday visitors. Upgrade the Guest Bathroom Whether it’s the bright pink and green bathroom tiles from the ’80s, the flooring that squeaks in several spots, the bulky cabinetry, or the outdated brass fixtures, your…

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Eco-friendly Choices to Make in Your Home Remodel

Implementing Eco-friendly choices in your home nowadays is more than just a fad. Going green is now becoming the standard in home remodels, which is not only good for the environment, but also good for our wallets. When we make Eco-friendly choices, we help to conserve energy, preserve natural resources, and eliminate waste. As a result, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint, which is a win for everyone. If you’re looking to start your next home remodel, consider giving these eco-friendly choices a try. Bamboo Plywood With the continued exploitation of wood around the world, deforestation is capturing the…

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Transformation Spotlight: 1876 two-story home

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Before and After Home Remodel in Frederick County, MD The talented team at Adroit Design Remodeling recently completed a whole-house remodel on an 1876 two-story home in Frederick County, Maryland. Check out these amazing before and after images: When the home was purchased, it was split into two separate apartments, and the homeowners have been working to change it back to a single-family home. We helped them achieve that goal by reworking some of the home’s infrastructure before tackling the three big areas: bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Once everything was gutted and prepped, the first step to revitalizing this home was…

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5 Eco-Friendly Countertops for your Remodeling Project

Homeowners have a multitude of choices to make when taking on any remodeling project. Price, color, and durability are all factors in the homeowners’ choices. The earth-conscious home remodeler now has more options than ever for eco-friendly countertops with advances in manufacturing and materials. These 5 earth-friendly materials are among the most popular choices today: Glass Recycled glass can come in many different forms, and various brand names help designate the amount of reused materials. Icestone, for example, is composed of 100% recycled glass mixed with cement. Other brands mix crushed glass with a binder, such as concrete or clear…

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