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Should I Manage My Remodeling Project on My Own?

Should I Manage My Remodeling Project on My Own?

A major home remodeling project is an involved and expensive process. Whether you’re completely gutting just one room or tackling projects in several rooms, managing all the different trades and steps can be complicated and time-consuming.

To save yourself some money, you may be wondering: Should I manage my remodeling project on my own?

The answer to that question requires you to weigh some pros and cons of doing the job yourself:


Pros of Managing Your Own Project



Managing your own remodeling project allows you to be in control of every single step of the process, so you make sure it’s done exactly to your specifications.



If you’re acting as your own contractor, you’re working directly with every single team and vendor on your project. From the lumberyard all the way up to the plumber and electrician, you’re the one talking to these professionals and building relationships.

Being this involved in the remodeling process allows you to create a list of contacts in various professions that you can call on down the line to ask questions, make repairs, or recommend to friends and family.



This is the big elephant in the room when it comes to deciding to manage your own remodeling project. Most people who want to be their own general contractor do it because they want to save money on their project. Whether that’s because you just want to keep costs low in general, or you’re saving up for that special splurge item in your home, not hiring another professional can keep more money in your wallet.


Cons of Managing Your Own Project



Unless you have prior experience in the construction and remodeling industry, taking on your own general contracting duties is going to be a huge learning experience. From finding trusted sub-contractors and scheduling activities at the right time, professional contractors bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that you won’t have. This can make your project frustrating, more expensive, and can delay finish dates. And remember that any aspects of the project that would fall to the general contractor are now yours to complete.



While managing your own project means you’ll build up a list of contacts from the remodeling industry, chances are you’re going to stumble a bit when finding the right people to do your work. A professional contractor knows all sorts of trusted, skilled drywall installers, plumbers, painters, and more in your area, meaning you’ll get the right person for the job without ever having to lift a finger.



No matter what, remodeling your home can feel like an all-consuming project. If you’re acting as your own contractor, this is even more true, as you’re the one managing the daily schedules, checking that things are completed, that things are done to code, and keeping to the budget. By hiring a contractor, you get some peace of mind knowing that your project is in good hands and you gain some space from the exhausting remodeling process.



We’ll just come out and say it: Managing your own remodeling project is incredibly time-consuming. You have to be on the phone making sure everything’s coming in on time, checking the schedule to see what’s next, figuring the budget to see where costs can be trimmed, and be on-site to make sure that all teams are doing what needs to be done. If you’ve got a busy life outside of your remodeling project, you may not be able to give it the time it needs.



While the thought of saving money by managing your own project seems appealing it can be risky. If you don’t understand the remodeling process or all of the items involved in each area/sub-contractor then you’ll probably miss items that will potentially cost you more money than hiring a good general contractor with lots of experience.


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