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Kitchen Remodeling Benefits

Why Should I Remodel my Kitchen?kitchen remodeling rockville md

If we polled one hundred people, we’d discover that many of them believe that the kitchen is the most important place in every home. Not only do we spend many hours in the kitchen each week, it also is the area of our home where we entertain guests and a space that we love to feel comfortable in. A homeowner may begin to research kitchen remodeling due to the purchase of a home that is in need of updating, and sometimes families grow and change and homeowners find themselves needing additional space, creature comforts, or cabinets. With a kitchen remodel, you can change the layout and appearance of the kitchen to make it more spacious, energy efficient, and to become an area to feel “at home” in. Remodeling your kitchen comes with a multitude of benefits. Read on to learn more!

Kitchen Remodeling Increases Home Value

The average kitchen remodel costs approximately $20,000, and the average return on investment is approximately 67%. While that number might feel low, a kitchen remodel brings an intangible benefit – a quicker sale. According to US News, home purchasers place an up-to-date kitchen as a top priority. If your kitchen is outdated, it may not be what today’s home purchasers are looking for – and may take longer to sell.

Modern Kitchens Provide Increased Space and Comfort

Remodeling your kitchen can increase the working space for preparing meals and entertaining. Improvements such as built-in wall ovens and microwaves can clear up precious counter and floor space, and allow for the addition of a seated bar counter or a larger table. A new, durable, countertop can add a timeless appeal to your new kitchen!

New Appliances Improve Energy Efficiency

New lighting fixtures, refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens often bring lower power bills and increased longevity. According to, the usage of household appliances is responsible for approximately 13% of overall utility costs. Replacing your kitchen appliances can save up to $500 a year and offer a variety of tax rebates if you make the decision to install new Energy Star appliances.

Kitchen Remodeling has become a popular home renovation project in Maryland – and it’s easy to see why! A kitchen remodel improves energy efficiency, space, comfort, and offers a financial return to homeowners. Choose the right contractor for your kitchen remodeling project, and contact Adroit Design Remodeling today! 


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